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JS Bin design principles

These are emerging from the ongoing process of designing and building JS Bin. They’re a work in progress.

  • Visitors to jsbin.com get a cursor
    Nothing obscures the tool – start typing to begin a bin.
  • Support learning
  • Streaming by default
  • Anonymous first
    Avoid requiring login.
  • Open first
    Design and development happens in public, unless there’s a good reason to go private.
  • Respect ex-users
    Don’t break links to their stuff. Never make public something which a user has set as private.
  • Return is as it was left
    When people return to an application or document, they expect it to be as they left it. FIXME this principle is currently ambiguous when it comes to the document affecting the application state. Where possible, implement this principle.
  • Assert failure to communicate, not the lack of a network
    An app can’t truly know that there’s no network, and people care more about the risk of data loss than the status of their network. This principle came from a discussion in offlinefirst.
  • Get users close to the code
    While using an editor users shouldn’t be distracted by the design of the editor, so it should be as boring and similar in it’s look and feel to the OS as possible.