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SSL opt-in

SSL, that is, using https for all of JS Bin, can be enabled via their preferences. Note that extra care in including resources is needed, and to ensure they work, it's recommended you use protocol relative URLs.

Once this is enabled, visiting jsbin.com will redirect to https. However, not all JS Bin URLs will automatically redirect. The following rules apply:

  1. Sharing your own bins will be on https by default and visitors will also view those bins on https
  2. Visiting the JS Bin editor will always redirect to https
  3. You can share non-https URLs, but you need to change these manually
  4. Viewing another user's bins can be on http and will not redirect to https
  5. You can view another user's bin under https
  6. Embedded bins will maintain their protocol of their author (a Pro account is required to embed over SSL)