By Remy Sharp 21-Jun, 2015

SSL now available to all

As the web moves towards using HTTPS everywhere, JS Bin has moved SSL from being a “pro only” feature to making it available to everyone as of today.

SSL for all

This means that you can now swap HTTP for HTTPS and JS Bin will load. Remember there are considerations with SSL so if you’re using HTTPS and the content doesn’t load, it’s likely there’s an HTTP based script in there somewhere.

If you’re stickler for security, registered users can opt-in to default to SSL via the account preferences - which means whenever you visit a JS Bin edit page, you’ll be put on HTTPS.

You do need a pro account to embed bins over SSL, and this will remain a pro feature.

What this does mean is that I’ve started to lay the foundations to add offline support via Service Worker - and pro users, I have something new for you in a few days too - so stay tuned!

Google’s 203 on HTTPS everywhere

I also highly recommend checking out Jake & Paul’s 203 conversation on HTTPS everywhere:

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