By Fabien O'Carroll 11-Apr, 2014

TWDTW #5: Heartbleed, Settings, User Backups

This week we’ve been dealing with the Heartbleed issue, but more positively have also shipped (for internal, but live testing) updates to user settings and a new pro feature: real-time backup of your bins.

Heartbleed, no more

The Heartbleed bug definately took it’s toll on Remy as he patched our OpenSSL, reissued SSL certificates and fixed weird MySQL issues, but we were no longer vulnerable!

This, from xkcd, does a good job of explaining the issue:

Are you still there, server? It's me, Margaret.

JS Bin settings & preferences

Giulia has been continuing work on our new account pages, with a new page for managing your default preferences, such as your starting open panels, templates, processors and so on.

We’re hoping to release this to you all next week.

Preferences page

User backups

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been working on a new part of JS Bin called Jobsworth. This is a task manager that communicates using zeromq and contrary to it’s name, will do our bidding. Initially backing up all my new bins to Dropbox in real-time (and we intend to add other services, like SkyDrive, Drive, etc).

The format of the file saved in which the bins are saved is a single HTML file that includes the full source of the bin, including pre-processor’s source, which acts as an API for JS Bin importing too #609.

Totally aside

If you’ve not seen the oscar winning Gravity, well, you should, but this is Gravity for those of you without much time on your hands - enjoy!

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