By Fabien O'Carroll 15-May, 2014

TWDTW #8: SVG support and settings live

With Giulia back from holiday and Remy easing back into work, the Left Logic offices have been a bit more lively, and pushing a few more bits to production.

SVG Support

We just landed SVG support in JS Bin. Simply add .svg to the bin URL, and JS Bin will correctly serve up the HTML content panel as SVG with the correct headers. So now you can easily prototype SVG using JS Bin:

<img src="" alt="Source:">


Thanks to @jorgeATGU for the SVG madness!

The feature request came through from Emil on twitter, suggesting that the .svg extension serve up the right headers. So we opened a feature request, and one simple change later it was live.

Emil also blogged about his own workflow with JS Bin and SVGs. It’s that easy to help make JS Bin a better product.

User settings live


We’ve spoken a fair bit about the upcoming user settings in JS Bin and today we’ve started our staggered release.

We’re releasing to 10% of users (using our feature flags) to start with to monitor the affect on our infrastructure (since we’ve moved to a memcache system for our sessions), and we’ll quickly increase this to 100% over the coming days (and weeks).

Want a JS Bin sticker? At BACON conf?

I’ll be attending the BACON conference and I’ll be armed with a swathe of JS Bin stickers, I look pretty much like my avatar, so hit me up if you want one for your laptop!

Totally aside

Myself and Giulia were in tears this week watching this clip over and over and over: Nick Cage knows how to dive:

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