By Giulia Alfonsi 9-Jun, 2014

TWDTW #9: Tweaks and maintenance

These past three weeks we have been mainly working on bug fixes and internal maintenance, so no big announcement except that we have released to 100% of our users the settings and preferences pages. Go and have fun with it!

The small things that matter

We’re often releasing multiple times throughout the week with small bug fixes and tweaks, a few that you might have noticed:

  • Github changed their URL format for gists, so we fixed gist import (which was broken for a short time) #1507
  • Logged in users can archive using keyboard shortcut ctrl+Y #1000
  • All the JS Bin keyboard shortcuts are documented in detail
  • We changed “Bins” to “File” in the top menu #1414 (more on why in a later post)

Spread your love

We love when you help us improving JS Bin by raising issues, bugs and pull requests, and we love it just as much when you tell us that you love JS Bin:

Why I Love JS Bin by Jimmy Lauzau @jimmay5469

Where Jimmy talks about using the Ember branded version of JS Bin, his preferences and default templates.

Totally aside

We like the classics and we like geeky strange ideas, so what’s better than Star Wars, re-edited in alphabetical order..?

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